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Linda Tropp

Linda Tropp’s prolific work focuses on how members of different groups experience contact with each other, and how group differences in status affect cross-group relations. She has worked with national organizations on court cases relevant to racial integration, on national initiatives to improve interracial relations in schools, and with nongovernmental organizations to evaluate applied programs…

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Mohini Lokhande

Mohini Lokhande is a Senior Researcher with the Expert Council’s Research Unit. She is currently heading a large research project training in-service teachers on the theory and administration of self-affirmation brief writing interventions. She was also a Researcher and Visiting Lecturer at the University of Jena and Ludwigsburg University.

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Hans Anand Pant

Hans Anand Pant is Professor of Educational Methodology at the Humboldt University of Berlin. His research focuses on how empirical methods can be made useful for schools, educational administrations and educational policy, and under what conditions it is possible to bring educational innovations to the field. As managing director he is responsible for the program…

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