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Ilira Aliai

Ilira Aliai is the Educational Coordinator of the Project “Living Diversity in Germany and Israel”. She studied German language and literature in Athens and Berlin and later continued her studies with a Master in Cultural Management at Panteion University in Athens. There she dealt with identity and diversity issues in migration literature.

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Laura K. Taylor

Laura Taylor’s research is framed by an intergroup developmental approach to study risk and resilience processes for children, families, and communities in settings of protracted conflict. Her work has implications for youth outcomes, such as aggression, prosocial behaviours and social identity, as well as broader psychosocial processes, such as shared education and intergroup relations, which…

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Martyn Barrett

Martyn Barrett’s work focuses on the development of intercultural, democratic and global competence; young people’s political and civic engagement, active participation and global citizenship; the development of national and ethnic identifications, prejudice, stereotyping and intergroup attitudes; and young people’s ethnic, national and political enculturation. He has worked as an expert for the Council of Europe on…

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